Monday, September 19, 2011

Kurinto Iisutowuddo

There is a Korean restaurant near work where I go every now and then for lunch. I wasn't that familiar with Korean food before coming here so when I first went I was quite interested to check it out. And I liked it, so have kept going back for more.

My standard thing to get is bibimbap, which is rice served in a hot stone bowl, topped with sliced vegetables and meat and a fried egg. I remembered to take a picture this time.

It's served as part of a set. This includes a soup, salad and kimchi, which can come in many varieties but here is spicy pickled radish. There's coffee and and a small dessert at the end of the meal as well.

The main dish as you can see is served steaming hot, and you're actually supposed to stir and cook the food a little bit before you begin eating. If you want your sinuses cleared this is a great thing to have, especially if you also mix in the hot sauce they provide.

Anyway, usually this place is pretty crowded at lunch time. This time it was a latish lunch for me so I ended being the only one there, which allowed me to take in the ambiance a bit more. Until now really the only thing I had noticed about the place other than the food was the music. (They are really fond of playing 80s soft rock ballads, like Richard Marx, etc.) This time as I looked around I saw these movie posters up on the wall. All films starring the great Kurinto Iisutowuddo. You can click to enlarge to see the original titles in English but I've left the captions as they're written in Japanese.

Buronko Birii

Daati Harii 3


Daati Faitaa

Since they're borrowed from English, the titles are all in katakana, which makes it good reading practice for me. And actually I don't think I've seen any of these, other than maybe Dirty Harry 3: The Enforcer.

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